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btw - im new here.

.. we were in post war russia..

it was dark and the feeling of death was all around, i couldnt see or find anything to hold onto. i was incrediably high, they kicked me out of my camp a few hours earlier but left me with an injection of some type of poison that was eating away at my thoughts... the empty streets were whipsering at me to get out. i didnt belong. i was compleatly alone, with only a grey and black coulded sky to comfort me. i knew i was compleatly alone...

... in lost moments i woke up again..


4:51 am - im not here anymore...
in my vast and sparse futeristic wasteland.. in a dirty grey, lonely time

.. we are walking in my house, waking in my house as things all fall away. you left me there by myself, to think and to wander all parts of this plain. shadows were talking to me, i was falling down, down so far. i was searching for you far and wide, i did succeed thou and my companion broke down. as i broke down. we all were broken in the end. your eyes started spilling out of your head. i was left alone with my children who ended up hating me and you and her drove off after i just spilled my heart out to you. i tired to take care of my mother when she was lost. we find eachother in the shadows way to much. is it a conicidence? i helped her down the metal, twisting ramp while we were almost always thrown over the edge. if she went id go with her. i was pulled to her. but the little one i was running from. running thru abandoned biuldings and ferry rides. running because of the unknown. i found my children, they were crying with scrapped knees.. there eyes were bloody, they were sickly happy to see me with there little shards of steel.. i ran until i woke up but they kept up with me.. my babies.. my little china dolls..
with all this emptiness and these fadeing hues..
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