renee (vacant_essence) wrote in oneiromancers,

Another Strange Dream

O and another strange dream that I also had (I guess I had two). But I ended up spending the night at my ex-best friends grandparents house (who've I met before and seen a couple times). But the weird thing was, was that me and my ex-best friend (long story) were still fighting at the time that I spent the night there. And I had to stay there because there was no where else for me to stay since my parents basicly abandoned me that one night and so I had to go someplace? (Even though I am perfectly comfortable staying the night at my own house in life.) But it was real odd. And then somehow in my dream before I went there I was out with friends (not sure where) and when I got back to her grandparents house my cell phone had been switched. So of course I called my phone and all that. Then finally the owner called back and it ended up to be this friend of mine that I havn't seen for a few weeks.

Any thoughts or explantions?
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