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Strange Dream

First off, me and my mom get along great and we're pretty close, however of course we have our times, but they never turn out like big fights and yelling and screaming. So with that siad, this is what happened in my dream last night. We were walking along these streets (I guess it was near my house in my dream but I didnt recognize it at all). So we were walking and talking about little things then all of sudden she starts yelling at me for things. (I'm not sure which came first). But she said that she's noticed that when I come home from hanging out with my friends I always have less money and that I am always spending my money on pot and that the days after I hang out with my friends I am always high. Then I yelled at her and said that, thats not true because I buy us all food and I help with gas money and that she's crazy for thinking that because she has no proof. Then she walked away down this hill and said, "Why don't you just move to Tennesee because then me and your sister will be better off with out you!" (Yes my parents are getting a divorce but we still live in Ohio, and there are no realatives that live in Tenn. My dad lives out of the house and me, my mom, and my sister all have to move to a smaller place.) Then I just didn't know what to say because that hurt so much so I just started screaming f*** you over and over as loud as a could at her (since she was down towards the bottom of the hill and I was towards the top). So then finally she comes back up and she says something like, well if you don't really spend all that money then by tomorrow prove it to me by GIVING me twenty dollers in ones because I need some extra cash. And then she acted like everything was fine and that made me mad because everything wasn't fine so I kind of pushed/shoved her a little bit and then I woke up.

But the real strange thing is, is that me and my mom get along better then anyone in our family, in my dream my parents were getting divorced and in life they are getting divorced, and me, my mom and my sister all have to move into a smaller place because of the divorce. But the drug thing was real weird because I don't usually buy any drugs, but it wasn't a huge shock because I used to buy them more often but I havn't lately and I havn't gone out for the past couple weeks because I've been grounded..

So what do you think?
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