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lakeside trauma

last night i had a dream that i was on vacation. it was very strange, because i just went on vacation to the same exact place and with the same people as in my dream. we were at a lake and about to leave around 4:30 pm. then, i got this feeling that something really bad was going to happen, like everyone was going to die. so i jump out of the car and run down to the lake and tell everyone to get out. but no one listened to me. i kept telling them that they were going to get sucked under the water when 5pm came around. still, there were about 30 people swimming around the dock and they didn't even care. they thought i was making it all up. i was trying to get them out when 5 o' clock hit and people started getting sucked under the water. all of a sudden, the dock started to break apart from the strong currents. i, along with a lot of other people, then started to get the people out of the water, but everyone but me and a few others were getting sucked into the water, even though they were on the dock. i think they didn't believe how strong the currents were, so they jumped in to help the other people get out, except they began to drown too. finally, this guy came over to me and held my legs while i was pulling people out. after that, i just kept pulling people out, but then there were no more to pull because everyone else had drowned. the town then held a huge funeral and i was there. all the families of the people i saved kept coming up to me asking for my autograph. it was so weird. on top of that, i was later at a gift store and i saw my best friend, who i thought had drowned. i was so happy that she was still alive. then i woke up...
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