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I'm new here.. so I'm not a real pro just yet. But if you'd like to add me to your friends, i'd be more than happy to add you to mine. Anways.. I had a friend ask me last night if it was possible if you fell asleep on someone, is there a possibility or intecepting their dreams? (I know its a little far off.) Then also, if you fall alseep on the person then do you dream about them? I don't mean like falling alseep on the person, like laying on them completely, like laying on their lap, or being partly on them.

Thanks for listening </3Renee
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thats kinda an interesting question i've never thought of that however i don't know anything about that either sorry
i think you can/will dream about someone if you are close to them. whenever i go camping i have dreams about the people i share my tent with. it's kinda weird, now that i think about it.
Having communal dreams would be totally wierd, and really interesting. It would be like stepping into another's fucked up self conscience. I'd think it'd be cool, anyway..... :P
Oh, and welcome to the community :D Post your weirdest and sickest dreams here. They are the most interesting to read about ;)