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crazy eye ball dream

hi im new!!! :) well ok first my friend got on a car accident and wasnt wearing her seatbelt well she hit her head on the windshield so hard that it made her go cross eyed and then a couple of months later my friend saw her and she was wearing sunglasses and talked to her and stuff...ok all that really happened and i havent seen her with her crossed eyes. ok so here's the dream im somewhere im not sure where in like a shop or something and nikki (car wreck girl) comes in and she is wearing sunglasses and im all like hey and she is like hi and we talk for a little bit and then i say take off your sunglasses i wanna see your eyes rose told me about it and she takes them off and when she looks off to the side they look normal but then she looks directly at me and they are sooo crossed and then i can see her eyeball in the left socket kinda threw the bridge of her nose in her other eye socket i dont know its hard to explain however it really reaked me out. yeah so thats my weird dream for the day and probably many more to come.
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